Blogger – not skillful writer

I admit, I am not born with a pen in my hands nor words overflowing out of my mouth.
Since I created this blog years ago, I only have three blog posts as you can see – just recently, I posted one(Trust, so calm), and the other two were blogged three years ago. See?  I don’t update that often, this is just because I don’t have the guts to post my writings(though I do write sometimes).

But here are the reasons I come to progress my blog…

“And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” – SylviaPlath

I wish to write everyday. When I see something beautiful, when I discover new things, when there’s an emotion I can’t contain, I just wanna vent or scratch it out to a sheet of paper. However, I don’t have that natural flair for words, and my English grammar is not perfectly constructed thus writing in English is real struggle for me. Therefore, I see myself as not a good writer.

I realized days ago that despite of the barriers I have, I need to pursue my desires(this is now or never, whether others may like it or else) – and one of those is writing(which you can also read in the About section of my blog). Within me, I really have the passion to influence people through this.

I am not the most creative blogger you know, I don’t have the wisest advice here either. I quote not as emotional as the most famous, neither you can read much of brilliant ideas. Sharing positive vibes, give encouragements, only the good stuffs as much as possible, that’s all I wanna impart. I may not have the eloquence of words, but, it’s my eagerness to touch lives that I will use to communicate my readers.

“Only a pen becomes useful when it lands on a sheet of paper.”


2 thoughts on “Blogger – not skillful writer

  1. K.A. Abrasado says:

    Nikka! Found this! I’m creating a website as well. I wrote my first blog yesterday! Wasn’t able to publish it yet I’ll do so in the coming days. I stumbled upon this treasure trove. We share exactly the same thoughts as I have so many doubts in my writing as well. But I have always felt the need to write everything on paper. I always find myself drafting in my memory things and ideas I wanna write about in case I finally find the courage to “make it happen.”

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