International Women’s Day – What Makes You Beautiful?

Beautiful is your attractive looks, fair skin, your perfect body shape. Yes it is, but it is yet more than that!
Beautiful is your character. Most people may see it has something to do with your looks, how you treat others is way more flaunting. The physical appearance eventually fades away as time passes, inner beauty lasts a lifetime and can be remembered by everyone even when you’re long gone.

A woman’s beautiful heart is worth more than all worth of gems of this world, a treasure to be valued even in lifelong”

Beautiful is your confidence. To believe  in who you are and what you have increases your external and internal beauty. Confidence is vital in revealing your beautiful self. It makes you feel grateful,happy and it will be easy for you to appreciate everything about you and your life. So let everyone see you shining through, come out now, don’t hide among the bushes! You are beautiful in your own way. Some may not yet realize it, just believe and know that you are beautiful – that’s all that matters.

“Everyone has beauty, it just takes some time for someone to discover it from herself.”


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